Tibetan language contest in Yulshul County, Tibet

A week-long competition testing Tibetan language skills has gone ahead with apparent approval from authorities in a Tibetan county in Kham Province of Tibet (Ch: Northwestern China's Qinghai province), with top scorers winning a car, motorcycles, and cash awards.

Proceeding despite official concerns over similar events in other areas, the competition drew in over a thousand contestants from Nangchen in the Yulshul County, eastern Tibet (Ch: Nangqian county, Yushu Tibetan Autonmous Prefecture), local sources said.

The contest was organized by the Dzanyin Mother Tongue Promotion Association in Nangchen, and ran from January 20-25, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"Skills were tested by asking competitors to identify Tibetan vocabulary terms with the help of picture cards, and participants were graded according to their skills in matching the pictures to the terms and to their knowledge of those terms in both classical and contemporary forms," the source said.

Competitors included both school students and laypersons with no formal education, with Buddhist monks from nearby monasteries helping to run the program, he said.

"Those who performed well were awarded different prizes," the source said, adding that "The top winner was presented with a car and a ceremonial scarf, with second- and third-place winners given motorcycles, cash awards, and so on."

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