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Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari, Envoy Kelsang Gyaltsen and senior assistant Sonam N. Dagpo meeting Executive Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party, Sithar, head of the Second Bureau in the United Front, and others. (DIIR/CTA)

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Mar 1978: In his official statement on 10 March 1978, His Holiness the Dalai Lama suggested that the Chinese authorities should allow the Tibetans in Tibet to visit their parents and relatives now in exile. His Holiness further said, “Similar opportunities should be given to the Tibetans in exile. Under such an arrangement we can be confident of knowing the true situation inside Tibet”.

Chinese leaving Lhasa 1912. Wikipedia file

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The PRC contends that Tibet has been an inalienable part of China since the Yuan Dynasty. Examining this claim requires analyzing events over more than one thousand years while keeping in mind the legal presumption of the continued existence of states:

The Potala Palace of Lhasa, Tibet. Photo: File

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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Xi'an, capital city of Shaanxi Province, as the first leg of his high profile visit to China, analysts wonder if he would speak about Tibet with the Chinese leadership.

The Potala Palace of the Tibetan Capital Lhasa, Tibet. Photo: File

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The Information Office of the Chinese State Council (China's cabinet) published yesterday a White Paper 'on the development path of Tibet'.

Gaden Monastery, Tibet. Photo: File

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For at least 1500 years, the nation of Tibet has had a complex relationship with its large and powerful neighbor to the east, China.

The Case for a Legally Independent State

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Tibetans say their country is an independent nation: the Chinese government says it is part of China.

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