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Self-immolation in Tibet terms China worst violator of human rights . Photo: TDT

Dharamshala — The root causes of protest by Tibetans in Tibet against the Chinese communist regime, including self-immolations, stem from a wide range of factors such as, violent political repression, cultural assimilation, economic marginalisation, ethnic discrimination, nomadic displacement and environmental destruction.

We must vote, while keeping struggle for freedom of Tibet alive, but not by a pressure of individual or group. Photo: TDN

This year, with the completion of nearly 60 years in exile and of the freedom struggle, diasporic Tibetans are eagerly waiting for the next crucial moment of Tibetan history; the election of Sikyong in 2016.

Genocide in the 20th Century: Massacres in Tibet: 1966-76. Photo: Files

Dharamshala — Anyone who regularly observes the topsy-turvy world of Chinese politics and policies in Tibet understands that the past, even the remote past, can exert a grief impact on the present and future.

A Chinese security man holding an electric baton intimidate Tibetans protesting against the government's rampant mining in Shigatse. Photo: Lhasa Daily

Dharamshala — The Chinese President Xi Jinping’s commitment to “Ethnic Unity”, “Economy Development” and “Social Stability” in Tibet under the banner of “Peaceful Liberation”, nether seeks a peaceful solution nor a signal for a new reform of more openness.

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